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3 Steps to “Mastering Your Emotions”(Part 1 of a 5 Part Series “Getting Back on Track”)

Feeling worried about what’s going to happen when restrictions are lifted and what your “New Normal” will look like? Curious how you will manage your fear of this unknown, move forward and make progress in your life?

Change can bring fear even when that change is something that you want. So, when life changes with things you may NOT want, anxiety and fear may get kicked up even higher and be more difficult to navigate.

Here’s the deal. In all of this uncertainty, one thing remains certain. Life as we have known it will never be the same.

So, how will you deal with your anxiety and fear as the world reopens and we each step out into the unknown? The first step is to get control over your emotions before they get control over you.

Welcome to “Mastering Your Emotions 101!”

Come along and we’ll break it down together.

Step 1 – Make space and give yourself grace for any emotions you have as you step into your new reality. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and resist going into the “escape mode” you may have employed during lockdown such as unhealthy food, alcohol or Netflix binging. Journal about your emotions, talk them out with a friend/therapist/coach or work them out with hard physical exercise. Make a deliberate decision to schedule this and put a time boundary around it. Commit to not indulging in these negative feelings outside of the scheduled time. Face your feelings, deal with them and then let them go.

Step 2 – Incorporate mindfulness and meditation to help you respond and not react to life’s new circumstances. What does this mean? This means that you see your new situation as it is, not worse than it is by catching any negative thoughts or stories that you may be layering on top of it. For example, say that your business has taken a financial loss. That’s the fact. You see this new reality and you have the thought “We are going to lose everything and our lives will be ruined.” See how you take the situation and make it worse with your thoughts? You may not be in control of what happened with your finances, but you are in complete control of what happens with your thoughts. Catch them early before they become a big story that throws you off your path to progress.

Step 3 – Get clear on what this was about for you and use it for your own good. Did you see this as something you had to just survive or did you learn something new

about yourself? Did it make you wiser, stronger, more resourceful and more resilient than you ever thought possible? How will you use it this new strength to make any other changes in your life that you have known u needed to make before this pandemic ever started? Write it out and then take all of that amazing learning and focus it forward in other areas of your life where you’d like to make positive progress.

Join me next time when we take a deeper dive into how YOU can take your power back and be your own hero in all areas of your life. You do not want to miss this one! I value you, appreciate you, send you much love and always remember to take care of you! Hugs, Janie


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