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4 Ways to Make Your Right Decision Right Now

Do you have a decision that you have been mulling over for a really long time?

Yep. We have all been there.

It could be about your career, your finances, your health or your relationships. Wherever it is, you know that this decision needs to be made and yet there it just sits staring back at you waiting and waiting and waiting for you to DO something!

Maybe part of you wants to say, “No,” and play it safe and another part of you wants to say, “Yes,” and make it happen.

Maybe you “second-guess” your decisions and are caught in an endless looping cycle of indecisiveness.

Maybe you grew up in a situation where making decisions was labored, stressful and hard so now you avoid making them.

Maybe you survey everyone you know to see what they would do which has only lead to feeling information overload and then shutting down.

All of this can feel so frustrating, confusing and lead to you not doing anything.

Aaarrgghh!!! How do you get out of this crazy spin cycle?

Come along with me and I’ll give you some decision making skills!

*4 Ways to Make Your Right Decision Right Now

1. Stop Surveying Other People-It may seem like getting advice and opinions from other people would be helpful, but in the end is only confusing and takes away from your own decision making power. You don’t need other’s approval or permission. It’s time to start trusting yourself to make your own decisions. You got this!

2. Pros and Cons-WRITE THEM OUT! Seriously. Write them out. Thinking them out will not give you the clarity you are looking for and being able to see pros and cons for each option you are looking at on paper will give you a concrete representation of possible worst case scenarios AND best case scenarios and will give you the opportunity to figure out what you will do in each of those cases. Make sense?

3. Try it On for Size-Is there a way “try out” the change you are wanting to make to see how it fits? For instance, if you are considering a big move, could you rent in that city for a few months? Thinking of changing careers? Could you take a class in that field and see if it resonates with you? Sometimes making a big leap into something new may feel too daunting and a “testing the waters” approach may just give you the information you are looking for to help you make the decision and move forward.

4. Trust Your Intuition-The intelligence of your inner wisdom will show up in your body first. When you think of doing this thing, do you feel expansive or contracted? Do you feel dread, heaviness or something activated in your body when you think about doing it? These are signs that your body is saying, “No.” Conversely, do you feel free and open when you think of doing this thing? Does it feel full of possibility and have an overall feeling of “lightness” in your body? These are signs that that your body is saying, “Yes.”

Have an amazing week making decisions that feel good and are right for you!

Be sure to share this with your network and, as always, remember to take care of beautiful you.


Janie Xo


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