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It's very simple, really. I will never accept that we are here on this earth to live, work and create in fear. It is my soul's purpose to help people live authentically, tap into their highest level of potential and design a life that they love!

You have a voice and you matter. You are valuable and worthy of a full life that is 100% unapologetically YOU. A life where you can express yourself truly and you do not have to seek approval from anyone else to do it. A life in which you can be proud of the person that you are becoming and embrace all that is uniquely and wonderfully YOU!

Because you are here, I know you have come to the realization that all authentic, lasting growth and transformation starts from within and then radiates outward to all areas of your life. With true compassion, kindness, effective stragegy and my unique “Janie Style” fun, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals tap into their greatest strengths and confidently create a life of their own design. It would be my honor to help you shine in your life too!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to learn more about me. I cannot wait to learn more about you and your hopes and dreams. I'm excited for our journey ahead!


It all started because of my love for people and a dream. A dream, I have had since I was a young girl, to help people authentically be themselves, reach their full potential and to connect with others in a passionate, like-minded community. That dream is now a mission. A mission to help you define what you want for your future, identify and unlearn what is holding you back, and to create the positive change necessary to achieve success in your life.

My promise and commitment to you is to help you move forward in creating a life that you truly love. I promise to focus on those things that are most important to you, and to keep it real, authentic and effective. Whether it is navigating change in your personal life or you are ready to grow your business, I wholeheartedly promise to give you my very best and help you tap into your very best.



First, a little about who I am and why I am qualified to do what I do. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, an NLP Master and Peak Performance Specialist trained under the #1 internationally renowned company in the personal and business development industry. I am also a coach and trainer with the top-rated, elite group in leadership development. I’ve also collaborated and created a five-star rated podcast, “Real Raw Truths” dedicated to enlightening and inspiring listeners all around the world. But to be quite honest, if you asked me for a 30 second elevator pitch, I couldn’t give you one. I don’t have a particular “job title”. Who I am really depends on the person with whom I’m interacting and what the particular moment calls for. I am a trainer, a coach, a teacher, facilitator, mentor...and friend.

And now, who I REALLY am and WHY I do what I do. I do what I do because of my unwavering love and devotion to people. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to make a difference in someone else’s life and to help them design a life they never thought possible. It's my passion and I could not imagine living my life in any other way. My clients inspire me, light me up, make me laugh and bring me to tears when they have finally broken through their barriers and have set themselves free. Every story is unique, and each individual holds a special place in my heart.


Finally, just me…Janie. I love to laugh. I love to have fun, be adventurous and try new things. I do not give up easily, and will keep trying until I make “it” work. I love babies, I cry during sappy movies and when I hear children sing. I value and treasure the relationships in my life above all else. I am a wife, happily married for over 20 years, and the proud mom of 4 beautiful boys. On weekends, you can most likely find me running on the beach, cycling, playing tennis, dancing or shooting hoops with my boys. I love traveling, movies and live theater, particularly Broadway. I am a lifelong learner, and always love broadening my knowledge with personal development books and continuing trainings. I have a passion for life and will continue to live my best life each and every day.


1. I know firsthand the challenges along the journey to make significant changes in your life, how to build a business and make it yours, and to go through a life transition while staying true to yourself and your core values. My personal experience and professional training will help guide you through pitfalls and mind traps and keep you on your path to success in your life.

2. My skills, expertise and qualifications as a coach will help you get clarity on what you truly want. I will help you get "unstuck" and assist you in getting back on the path to success in your life, your career and your business. With me, you will learn skills to help overcome fear and other emotional obstacles that may have been holding you back in the past.

3. I have a proven, results driven coaching ethic, as well as an established track record of helping clients create the desired outcome they want in their personal and professional lives.

4. I am an exceptional trained "listener". This means that I am trained to hear emotional patterns in your language that signify blocks you've created that are keeping you from accomplishing what you want. I will bring these to light, enabling you to move past them.

5. No matter what stage or season of life you find yourself in, I can support you in designing and living a life you love.

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