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Every one of us wants to succeed in life, whether it be personal or professional. Most of the time, when it comes to personal areas of our lives, we typically have someone to turn to and confide in, such as our family or friends, when we need help or encouragement. On the other hand, when it comes to the professional arena, many times we do not feel as though we have the support or guidance we feel we need. Really, achieving professional goals or navigating career change probably seems difficult and overwhelming…and stressful. And in these stressful moments, we need a support system as well.


“A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team.” When it comes to career management, having a professional career enhancement coach at your side can be the key to achieving success. Together, it’s my goal to guide you to career success and we will work on your aspirations wherever you are in your journey - through career direction, work performance or job exploration.


1. Career direction will provide you with the tools to identify the ideal career path for you and understand why this journey is the right fit for you long term. It’s time for you to stop “job hopping” and find your calling.

2. Identify what areas in your current job can you improve on? If you’re goal is to advance and develop your work performance, this coaching initiative will enable you to become a top performer through education, accountability and guidance, change and time management, building confidence and much more.

3. Improve your appeal and demand in the job market by developing your interview skills and your ability to network efficiently and effectively, by learning how to brand yourself and how to build your confidence.


Although we will work together to achieve your goals, you alone are responsible for your long-term success. First, you will go through a personal assessment and discovery to learn more about yourself and your aspirations and what you plan to achieve through this process. From there, together, we will develop a clear direction and plan of action that is in alignment with your values and your objectives. To execute this plan, we will develop your skill set, learn effective tools and build your confidence through effective and time-tested coaching strategy sessions.


It is time for you to design a “living” that you love and are proud of. It is time for you to achieve success. Let’s get unstuck and create long-term career victory!


Janie Sterling Coaching offers a variety of services to help you get started on your journey. Whether you're looking for some personal one-on-one strategy sessions, or looking for a community to learn and grow with, there is something here for you. Ready to learn more and get started?

Schedule your free coaching call with me here!

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