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One of the most powerful fears in human nature is the fear of the unknown. Although there are many times in our lives in which we encounter the “unknown”, perhaps the first, and most impactful starts with our academic success.


As a high school senior, after being in a safe environment for almost two decades, this will be the first time where you will have to be the decision-maker, and many times you may not know what the “right” decision is. There are choices like whether or not to go to college, what major(s) to choose, how to pay for everything, finding a roommate, graduating, finding a job…the concerns are endless!


As a college student, there are so many different obstacles you’ll have to navigate. This is the time when you’re going to be figuring out who you are and what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. If you’re thinking, how in the world am I supposed to know this when I’ve only just started college, you’re right! This is a huge decision that affects the rest of your life. But you must remember, you are evolving into the person you were meant to be – and this is a lifelong process and journey.


And this ties in to your career choice! Once you graduate, how are you going to find a job? What’s the best way to create your resume? How are you going to interview?


Although this is all a very exciting time, it’s also very difficult and overwhelming. So what are you really afraid of or worried about? It is change – change in your daily life, the people around you, your responsibilities, and so much more. And whether or not you’re conscious of it or not, many of your superficial fears are connected to the deeper psychological fear of change itself.


Through our coaching sessions, we will prepare for these transitions by helping you name your fears, and by providing you with vetted strategies to navigate these changes and turn your fear into success.


Janie Sterling Coaching offers a variety of services to help you get started on your journey. Whether you're looking for some personal one-on-one strategy sessions, or looking for a community to learn and grow with, there is something here for you. Ready to learn more and get started?

Schedule your free coaching call with me here! 

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