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“The most valuable resource we all have is each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspective.” Janie Sterling

Trying to be the best YOU you can be is undoubtedly a self-oriented act. And you know what? I'm down with that. But sometimes, a solo journey isn't the best way to travel. You need someone else to help you navigate - a partner, or five or ten. I designed my live events and workshops to help you meet a group of people who are on the same journey as you - to find their true calling, kick their fears to the curb and to create a life full of intention and purpose.

Coaching with a group of people together is a wonderful way to deepen your journey to self-discovery and self-development. By connecting with like-minded individuals who yearn for the same heart-pounding happiness as you, together you will create energy that is unlike any other. You'll learn from one another's failures and triumph, amplify your self-reliance and trust in others, and find your place within a group that will help shine a light on each other's journeys.



There needs to be a way for like-minded individuals to come together; to connect. It is my goal to create a safe space for individuals to work on their fears and self limiting beliefs, master clear thinking and intentional action, and to learn from the collective wisdom of a group. By reflecting as a team on challenges, aspirations and goals, you'll be able to:

- Break through your blocks to achieve what your soul is truly hungry for

- Make deep connections with others who crave to be fearless go-getters, and praise each other's achievements

- Be inspirationally challenged by those around you and challenge them in return

- Take renewed and reimagined action in your personal and professional


What does this mean? That you can start living your dream life sooner than you'd imagined!



Are you ready to find your "tribe"? It's time to get unstuck together. Live events are perfect for:

- Connecting with a group who are on a similar journey to you

- Reflecting in depth. Lacking self love? Self trust? Scared to make a change? Many people find that they're able to be more free and feel less "on the spot" when they're in a group setting. Here you'll be able to rely on the collective wisdom of a team to help you get the clarity you're craving

- Learning how to open up and communicate with a group of people

- Getting a "taste" of life coaching in a less intimate setting

- Exploring personal development in an effective way without an intense time commitment



Please sign up for my monthly newsletter and follow me on social media to keep track of when my live events will be held! Below are a few of my current offerings:



Shine Mixer are a fun way to connect, network and develop new relationships. These events are designed to create a platform for you to showcase your talents, grow your business and learn a thing or two in the process. We are here to collect fun go-getters from all walks of life. This is the time to play and grow together.



Details Coming Soon!


Join myself, Wendi & Erica on our 5 star rated weekly podcast! What is Real Raw Truths? It is dynamic, relevant insight for enlightened women who want more out of life. We are three highly sought after entrepreneurial coaches who take "Playing Full Out" to a whole new level! With decades of experience in topics ranging from psychology to fitness, business strategy to eating disorders, motherhood to marketing, and emotional trauma to teaching, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of every single listener, including yours! Join me for the Real Raw Truth.



Live workshops and learning experiences created to assist you in taking the next step in becoming the real, authentic you. The "Shine" Shop is designed as a half day collaborative workshop where there will be (fun) worksheets, group discussions, goodie bags (from some awesome sponsors), nourishing food and drink, laughter, tears and great energy to help you shift your thinking and step up to being the conscious creator of your life.


If you're looking for a boring self development workshop where you sit and listen to a powerpoint presentation for hours and take a 5 minute break for weak coffee, then this is not the place for you!


Here you'll have your chance to speak up and share your dreams (if you choose to), passions and fears. And as we move through the content, you will feel inspired, empowered and connected with a group of people just like you.

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