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“Education is not the preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey

Sterling Success Academy has been designed as a coaching program to help each student unlock their true potential, design a plan that's in alignment with their goals and dreams, and to gain the confidence and courage to overcome their fears and use vetted strategies to create long term success and happiness.




"Leadership" - To set direction, build an inspiring vision and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to "win". It is dynamic, exciting and inspiring. Yet while you are setting the direction, you must also guide yourself to the right destination in a smooth and efficient way.

Through this coaching process, I will focus on helping you to transform yourself into becoming the leader of your own life; on teaching you effective strategies that will help you manage your fear of change, as well as to help you develop habits for success that are designed to maintain and steadily improve your performance. Let's start winning your life together.

Sterling Success for High School & College Students

  • Manage time and stress levels for optimum academic success

  • Implement a self-care program encompassing healthy eating, sleeping and emotional well-being

  • Gain the confidence necessary to get involved on campus and to cultivate new friendships and relationships

  • Connect with your core personal values and leadership capabilities, and build a solid foundation of "self" before and after leaving home

Sterling Success for Parents


  • Gain peace of mind in knowing that your student is taking care of his or herself, his or her emotional well-being, and his or her academic success on their own

  • Navigate the changing relationship with your student and the changing family dynamic

  • Empower yourself with an emotional skill set to manage the "empty nest" syndrome and feelings of loss that you may be experiencing

  • Reconnect with yourself, your purpose and embrace new opportunities that you have awating you in your own life



Sterling Success Academy is developed to be delivered through personal one-on-one sessions.


(6) Sterling Success Academy Core Lessons

Lesson Assignments, Questions & Journal Prompts

Individual Personal Support for Students & Parents



If you have a small group of friends that you're interested in putting through a development program together, please contact Janie Sterling for more information.


(6) Sterling Success Academy Core Lessons

Lesson Assignments, Questions & Journal Prompts

24/7 Private Student Forum Access

Individual Personal Support for Students & Parents

(6) Live Group Coaching Calls

(3) StudentShine Accountability Sessions

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