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5 Ways to Mind Your Mind

Accept don’t avoid how you feel. Resisting the reality of your tougher feelings will only make them stick around longer. Surrender to them, accept them and take responsibility for how you deal with them. You can journal about them, talk to a friend or schedule a session with a coach or a therapist. Realize that it is okay to reach out for help.

Create morning routines and rituals. This may include an exercise regime, a meditation practice and a self-improvement study. This daily structure will help you be more productive and feel happier. It will also help you make more empowering decisions giving you positive momentum for your day. Decide how you are going to use your mind. Set a standard for the goals and tasks that you would like to accomplish each day. Write down the emotion that will help you accomplish that goal. For instance, say you have a goal for creating a family budget. What emotion is necessary for you to accomplish this? It could be determination, resourcefulness or creativity. Making the decision to get things done and how you want to feel will boost your confidence and inspire you to strive harder each day.

Take this time to educate yourself and develop some new skills that will help you in the long term. Netflix was fun in the beginning, but now is the time to get back on the learning track and move forward. For example, maybe it’s to learn how to take your business virtually or how to home school more efficiently.

Do something positive for yourself and someone else every day. This could be a text to a friend, make a quick phone call to a co-worker or drop off a grocery item to a neighbor. One daily act of kindness will not only brighten your day but may make a huge positive impact on the life of someone else. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I look forward to hearing how by making some small, simple adjustments can make a big positive impact on your life! I appreciate you, send you much love and always remember to take care of you. Hugs, Janie


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