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Getting Out of Overwhelm

Now is a time like no other in any of our lives. We are navigating some uncharted territory, doing the best we can and figuring it out as we go. At times we may feel worried and stressed out and at other times we may feel hopeful and see this as a time for new possibilities. It all can feel a bit overwhelming and however you may look at it, this new world that we are living in has drastically changed our daily lives.

One of the major changes is that the daily activities that used to delineate our day are no longer there. Maybe you would leave your house to take your kids to school, go to the gym, commute to work, meet friends for lunch or have date nights out. Right now so much of our daily life is happening in the same place with the same people and under the same roof 24/7. This blending and blurring of all the aspects of our lives and trying to keep moving it all moving forward may create stress and strain on us, our relationships and may leave us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and burned out.

So, what can we do???

First and foremost, let’s understand that we cannot control ALL THE THINGS. We are all juggling a lot right now in a time of great uncertainty. Sometimes in the midst of such uncertainty, the tendency is for us to try to control everything around us to maintain some kind of sense of stability. Get clear on what you can control and let the rest go. Literally write it out. One column is what you can control and another column is what you choose to let go. Put it up as a daily reminder of where you would like to put your focus and your energy. This will help you stay calm, centered and focused.

How else can we navigate this new reality?

Boundaries baby! One of the biggest changes happening right now is that none of us are leaving the house except for maybe a trip to the grocery story or the pharmacy. Our days are no longer being divided up according to our usual activities and the roles that we have. So, being that there are no longer natural transitions between our roles, now is the time to use our imagination and get creative. For example, say you are using our kitchen table as your new work space. When your work is done, clear off that table, put a table cloth on it, play some music and change the lighting to create a different feeling so that your brain knows that you have moved from “work time” to “relaxed time.” The same goes if you are now home schooling your kids and you are moving from “teacher time” to “Mom time” or from “Mom time” to “partner time.” Think of things you can do to change the feeling and the space so that you can feel a sense of progress throughout your day. Include the rest of the family too in finding new ways to create transitions. Kids can come up with some great ideas!

Last and most certainly not least…

Take care of you. Now more than ever, we all need a place to get away and reconnect with ourselves. Create a “sacred space” only for you where you can relax, unwind and have time for yourself. Maybe it’s where you can play your favorite music, journal, meditate or even just light an aromatherapy candle. Just knowing that you have that place to go to will ease your mind and calm your nerves. Schedule points throughout the day where you can spend time there and the rest of the family knows that this time is just for you and your are taking a break to take care of yourself. You can even put a sign on the door letting everyone know that you are taking a break. Your family will see that you have drawn a boundary and they can know and look forward to you rejoining in a little while feeling happier, refreshed and relaxed.

What better way to role model for the ones you love how to draw boundaries, show self-respect and exemplify what self-worth looks like as you treat yourself with great care.

I look forward to hearing how by making just a few small changes has made a big impact on how you think, how you feel and how you do!

I appreciate you, send you much love and always remember to take care of you.

Hugs, Janie


Life & Business Strategist




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